Say No To GMO

Action For Health


My favorite sentiment is echoed from one of Thoreau’s quoted that “The dawn is the most glorious season of the day”.

We are at crossroads with our problems growing in proportion to size, population, power and technology. It is easy to get overwhelmed with the complicated harm that we impact upon each other and our world. It is challenging to be informed without also receiving the emotionally provocative messages of multiple media sources. At the same time, the access to information via internet has led to a quantum change in the common views about our food and drug industries. These attitude shifts about the quality and care of our food production has led us to a new dawn.

Oregon will soon vote on a GMO labeling initiative. My home town of Portland is a mecca of Farmer’s markets, co-ops and whole food culture. As a local community we support organic, local and sustainable enterprises. We influence how national chains stock, promote and adapt to our buying patterns.  Americans are choosing a rational course in diet, life-style and health care directions. The old paradigms of recommended allowances, plans and proportions, no oversight on broad nutritional content of both processed foods and the delivery of conventional agriculture are fracturing before our very eyes. We are closing in on the critical mass point where new information and logic replaces the old way of thinking.  Take action for health; say no to GMO.