Smile – Be Happy

Cleanse For Health

Steven Bailey, ND shares expertise in naturopathic medicine and insight for improving health.


     As I contemplate the importance for us all to cleanse for health, I’m taken by a very old wisdom brought into our conscious lives in a new song that is being played everywhere called Happy.  The lyrics: “clap your hands if you think that happiness is the truth” is a testament for our ultimate state of being in body, mind and spirit.

      I walk often through my neighborhood, which has two treatment centers and a fair number of homeless neighbors. Often they are understandably less than happy. I believe that they’re not often presented with a smile and may find returning one difficult.  Even though, I’m aware that many of us might take a smile personally in a suspicious manner, I smile as often as I can and enjoy when it seems to touch the person in the right way. Just like I feel the warm release of happy endorphins when the sun hits my face, I choose to smile and find that putting a smile on my face makes me feel better.  A smile seems to lighten tension for my overall nature.  Noted throughout time, a smile is a gift of happiness both to the receiver and to the giver.

      Bobby McFerrin released his one hit, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” more than twenty five years ago. I had been given an inspirational card of Meher Baba with his smiling picture and the words “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” as the entire text. He was not the first to say this but carried the wise words of his Hindu heritage. In his teaching of spiritual nutrition the prophet Mohammed said that happiness feeds the body in the same manner that good food does. And we are told in a number of passages in The Bible that worry serves us no gain. Norman Cousens shared how focusing on comedic movies and themes drove him from advanced disease to restored health and our own culture has the Readers Digest “Laughter is the best Medicine” as a commonly known adage.

      In an effort to cleanse for health, I suggest that smiling can be your path to happiness and the soulful nourishment needed to free your body, mind and spirit of toxins.  So as you consider how best to cleanse for health, smile and clap your hands knowing that happiness is for you.

– Dr. Bailey