Is juice fasting safe?

Knowledge is Cleansing
Steven Bailey, ND approach to fasting and detox cleansing is a safe alternative.

The approach that can make the needed difference for you.

The New York Daily News, July 11, 2014 article by Sheila McClear: Experts say Juice Cleanses are Unnecessary, Expensive and often packed with sugar”  This begs the question, is a juice fast or a detox cleanse safe?

Having done juice cleanses every year for over forty years and leading groups in juice fasting and detox programs for more than thirty years, I have seen countless articles like this most recent “flat earth” discussion in the New York Daily News. I am long past being surprised or upset, but wonder how such information continues to be accepted and reported as if it is balanced, accurate, expert or informed. Let me, “your detox exoert’ make some appropriate commentary for this piece of literature.

The author begins with the tired pablum of “Experts say your body not only cleanses itself naturally, but juices have lots of sugars, distort a normal balanced diet and may slow your metabolism long after you start detoxing.” I don’t know what retooling means but there is a mountain of evidence that we humans are becoming more and more toxic, suffering disease as a result and live in a highly inflamed state due to our toxic states and poor nutrition. Added sugars and cooked sugars are a concern, but the sugars of raw juices do not conform to the standard science of processed sugars. Raw juice fasting increases metabolism and starvation slows it down. These experts continually confuse starvation with fasting and typically are experts only on the most superficial levels of understanding the physiology of digestion, elimination and detoxification.

The article looks at pasteurized juices, trendy fads and really the most public and superficial programs that are being marketed. Sheila McClear says this “cleanse craze” began in 2007! I guess that when my classmates and I began detox cleanses in the 70’s we jumped the gun. Our teachers who followed their teachers were premature as well. The hygienists of the 19th century who used lemon juice and honey to decongest the elimination pathways of their patients were, I suppose, way ahead of their times. But to provide even more perspective, the 19th centrury hygienists were only following the advice of Hippocrates. Yes, the father of western medicine advocated lemon juice and honey as well as many liquid diets based on vinegar drinks to bring balance back to sick patients. Funny, how 2007 is cited as the beginning of this craze of ancient wisdom.

I invite journalists to Google “detox expert” or contact me directly so that I might offer balance to this discussion. Unfortunately, flat earth thinking will only some day be faced with the reality of the earth’s full roundness. Until then, we must reach out to dispel the superstitions and limitations of the self-proclaimed experts of today. The wisdom of nature, our roots and the great benefits of an organic, raw juice diet, done appropriately proves its own success and benefits.

For a healthy approach to fasting contact me, join my fasting sessions with online guidance or learn the steps needed in my book, The Fasting Diet.



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